As a father of two boys (they both play basketball), I’ve been devoting most of my free time to teaching them the fundamentals of the game. The school system is mainly responsible for teaching kids academic skills but they don’t provide any coaching on how to play basketball. When you go to watch an NBA game, it’s pretty obvious that most players can’t shoot beyond 15 feet and aren’t able to dribble the ball with either hand. Consequently, they end up taking crazy fade-away jump shots instead of making easier baskets under higher percentage situations.
If we want our kids to become successful in life we need to teach them little things that are essential in life – even if they are not directly related to what will be their main career. The fundamentals of basketball are a great example because even if your kid won’t become an NBA star, he will always be able to practice basketball as a sport and develop coordination that will help him greatly in real life.

In the following article, I’ll share with you my secrets for teaching kids how to play basketball. I’ll start from the very beginning, assuming that you have never coached before and don’t know anything about this beautiful sport. In a few simple steps, we’ll teach your child all the basic skills needed to play this game successfully. You can apply these lessons not only for teaching kids but also for yourself if you want to learn how to shoot better or simply improve your dribbling techniques. Don’t about the basketball playing skills being universal, so you can easily teach yourself.

Note for parents: this is the kind of stuff you usually don’t have time to learn when your kids are small because you are too busy. As a result your kids grow up without these basic skills. They end up frustrated in life because they can’t shoot well in their free time and they don’t know how to play the game properly. You want to prevent this from happening right? The best way is by teaching them all the fundamentals while they are young before bad habits develop.

This article includes 5 essential basketball training tutorials which are easy to follow even if you still think that learning how to play basketball is complicated. Basketball has lots of rules but it’s actually a very simple game, especially when you know the basics. In this article, I will not talk about basketball rules because they are too complex and take too much time to be taught in an article like that. I’ll rather teach you how to play from scratch using some easy drills for children.

Let’s start by saying that basketball, like all other sports, is primarily a form of entertainment. It’s an opportunity for kids to practice their bodies and express themselves in the game. If you introduce them to it during their early years, they’ll have lots of fun learning how to play the game and grow up with good coordination which will benefit them greatly later in life. The skills I recommend for beginners are dribbling, catching, passing, shooting, and layups. For your child to learn these skills properly, you need a ball (preferably a junior one), a court/basketball field, and the willingness to enjoy yourself while playing this exciting game.