The NBA Live Mobile game was released in 2017 and has quickly become the most popular basketball video game to date. With so many people playing, it is important for players to know how to get the best out of their playing cards.

This blog post will give you some pointers on how to use your Player Card wisely and make sure that you are getting the most out of your time spent with this game.

There are 82 in a season. 2 games in 4 nights is sometimes possible and the number of days is different per team: in some, they play on Mondays and Fridays, others Tuesdays and Saturdays. Although you can’t play all of them, focusing only on the important ones will leave you with not enough time to build a good team.

Restriction for bench players

In NBA Live 14’s bench, players can get upgrades from their coach but this will be random each day at the end of the training session (“I got better today”). The problem is that bench players usually get worse from one season to another since fans don’t recognize them very much outside a few of them (like D-Wade) but also because each day they have a small chance to get worse.

I think that the best way to have a good team at this time is to focus on getting better your 5 starters and one player from your bench because you don’t need a perfect team to win championships. Remember that at the beginning of season 1, trading for the best players from other teams will be hard because their salaries are expensive until they play some games or you can trade draft picks for lesser players with cheaper salaries.

Preseason Games

In these games, you will play against teams full of rookies and free agents so they aren’t very important but it’s always good playing them to practice against someone, if not then lose them since preseason isn’t counted in standings Be sure to simulate the ones in which your team is supposed to lose.


It seems that after a few games players start getting camaraderie and play better together, but I think it’s really hard to understand what triggers it. It also seems random which player gets chemistry with another one so you can’t rely on building teams with this feature in mind.

Team Chemistry & Team Style

In practice mode when playing against AI, both of them will have their own style and chemistry bars during the game. The Blue bar represents team chemistry while the green one represents overall effectiveness. The overall effectiveness is a sum between the percentage of field goals made by any player from your team -50%, number of MVP awards made by any member of your team 30%, and number of golds from the past 5 seasons minus your team’s number of reds. In order to win a match, you need overall effectiveness higher than 100.

MVP awards

This is something that happens in real life when players are being recognized for their remarkable performance in a season. On NBA Live 14, MVP awards count for 30% of overall effectiveness so if they are bringing more value to the game it makes sense to get them all on your starting five instead of bench players. It seems that only one player gets an MVP award each year so you won’t have many chances in 25+ seasons in which your main stars will all be in their primes but without having too many injuries.