10 Cool St. Patrick’s Day Activities for This Year

Use our enjoyable suggestions to enjoy all that St. Patrick’s Day has to offer on March 17. To help you celebrate the most Irish day of the year, we’ve put together a list of our favorite at-home activities, including making green beer, decorating the house, and creating your own St. Patrick’s Day crafts.
Prepare a traditional Irish meal.

Make a traditional Irish dinner for your family as part of your Saint. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Add traditional Irish dishes like shepherd’s pie, potato soup, braised greens, and corned beef and cabbage.

Construct Leprechaun traps

One of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids is constructing Homemade leprechaun traps, whether you need after-school activities or are just looking for a fun Saturday activity. Get a copy of How to Capture a Leprechaun ($10, Barnes & Noble) and then let the youngsters loose with craft materials like paper, scissors, and markers to make their own traps.

For St. Patrick’s Day, make green beer.

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular occasion to enjoy Irish-made Guinness and other beer-based cocktails, whether you prefer beer on its own or blended into a unique cocktail. Make your own green beer at home this year instead of going out.

Search for St. Patrick’s Day clues

Do a straightforward treasure hunt to instill a sense of St. Patrick’s Day in your little guys and gals. Have the youngsters compete to see who can find the most clover stickers by hiding them around the home. Give the winner a pot of gold or 72 chocolate gold coins ($12 each, Party City) as a prize. Serve shamrock cookies once the game is over to ensure that everyone wins!

Create an Irish Day shake.

Making your own mint-flavored shakes at home will help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The treat’s recognized flavor is enhanced by the mint ice cream. You can make the festive topping with the help of a small shamrock cookie cutter.

Create Leprechaun Bark using chocolate.

A leprechaun is obligated to tell you where his gold is hidden if you can catch him, according to the National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin, Ireland. But keep a tight eye on him because if you turn your back on him, according to folklore, he might vanish. This year, try making chocolate leprechaun bark!

Construct a Charcuterie Board.

This year, you don’t need to attend a parade or eat at a restaurant to enjoy a festive snack. Use the colors of the Irish flag to create your own St. Patrick’s Day-inspired charcuterie board at home. The ideal snacking board for your family or a small group can be made using foods in the colors green, white, and orange, including fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and crackers.

With the children, create a clover craft.

A fun and kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day craft will help you make your own luck. The only tools needed to assemble this simple shamrock hat are a paper plate, scissors, and colored markers: To build the hat, just draw a shamrock shape in the center of the plate. Then, use a pair of scissors to cut around the form (keeping the base attached) and the plate’s rim.

Make a Leprechaun Tree festive

Decorate a St. Patrick’s Day tree if you still have your Christmas tree up or are looking for an excuse to bring it back up from the basement. Decorating with leprechauns, rainbows, and green ornaments will be a hit with the kids. Your home will feel even more festive when you celebrate at home thanks to the colorful tree.

Offer a healthy snack.

This year, give your loved ones and friends a snack that matches the holiday’s colors. Searching for a brilliant idea? With rye toast, try slicing some avocado or cucumbers.