After playing golf over 60 years, I’ve seen a lot of things happen that were unusual. Here are a few that I remember.

Number 1. I saw a 6-foot rattlesnake killed in the middle of 14th Fairway.

Number 2. I saw two different men sink to their waist in a pond they thought was dry, trying to retrieve golf balls.

Number 3. I saw a man try to play golf in Street shoes, on his first swing the first thing that hit the ground was the back of his head. He was all right.

Number 4. I saw a man hit a drive that hit a concrete tee marker and came straight back into his ankle. He finished the round.

Number 5. I saw a scratch golfer who had played golf for 30 years, get his first hole-in-one.

Number 6. I saw a man climb a 30-foot magnolia tree to retrieve a club he had thrown in the tree in frustration, the tree he climbed was the wrong tree. the temperature was 100 degrees.

Number 7. I saw a man shank a trap shot and hit a friend of his in the head that was on the Green. They were both all right.

Number 8. I saw a golf cart parked by the green on a hill lose its brakes roll backwards down the hill into a lake, cart, clubs, and all.

Number 9. I saw a man throw his clubs, bag, and all in a lake he obviously didn’t like the way he had played.

Number 10. I would just more than a dozen holes-in-one during my career, seven of these were my own.

You can see from these experiences that there’s a lot more to Golf than just hitting the ball.