In this article I will teach you the basics of how to play soccer. We have all been there, watching a game and wanting to just get out on the field and kick the ball around. This is a great article for those who have never played before or want a refresher course in basic knowledge.

The Gear

soccer ball – without this, it’s going to be tough playing! cleats – while some people don’t wear them, it helps your grip on the ground which can help with running shoes – not needed but recommended shin guards – protection from scrapes pants (some people like track style) jersey  – can be purchased online or at most sports stores jerseys are usually cheaper though shorts socks  – these come with the cleats not required but recommended.

The field a lot of people go to a soccer field for this, or you can play in the street. the field is going to be rectangular and have two goals at either end there’s going to be lines running through it – stay within those lines penalty box – anytime you commit a foul inside this area, no matter how big or small, you will automatically get sent to the “sin bin” by your team captain (the person wearing gloves) The ball also has 3 colors on it – white , yellow and red. These mean different things: White = This ball is in play Yellow = This ball needs to stop moving Red = This ball cannot move.

Now that we understand all that equipment and rules lets get you started by putting on your equipment.

1. Start by putting on the shirt and shin guards, these other pieces are optional so if you don’t want them feel free to omit them

2. lace up your soccer cleats (they should fit snugly)

3. put on the jersey over your shirt then put your shorts over that

4. put in the socks until they come to just below the knee cap (when you stand there should be about 1/2 inch of skin showing past the sock)

With all this done head out to a field or street with a friend.

The warmup do some jogging around followed by push ups, sit ups, etc. Just make sure you get warmed up before the game.

After you warm up stand around until there is enough people to play a game of soccer. Games are usually played 2v2 if you don’t have enough players for this, or 4v4(if you can get that many).

When the game starts pick out your position on the field (usually defensive line/midfield/attacker) and wait for the ball to be kicked into the air.

If no more instructions are given after that, just head down to where the action is at and start kicking it back and forth with your friend! Remember no use of hands unless it’s an emergency like if someone else was heading towards your goal (your goal is at either end of the rectangular field).

Now you have learned the basics of how to play soccer, get out there and get more practice in!