Hello, my name is Andrew and I’m writing this article because I know that baseball games are the best way to spend your time. They’re great for anyone of any age. The food will fill you up, the stadium will give you lots of seating space, and the game itself is always exciting. And if you go with some friends, it can even be a great bonding experience.

There are so many different factors involved in how to plan out an awesome day at a ball game, so here are some tips on what to do when!

First tip: Arrive early!  You’ll want to get there about an hour before first pitch so you’ll have enough time to buy essential snacks like peanuts or Cracker Jacks, eat at least one hot dog, buy a hat or shirt that will make your friends jealous, and take pictures of some cool statues !
Second tip: Be prepared! Bring lots of money to spend on all these great things. It’s not always necessary but it can help if you’re trying to get an autograph from the team. And while you’re there, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and maybe even a blanket in case you need to sit in the outfield bleachers where there isn’t much shade.

Third tip: Watch out for foul balls!  The most important thing is that you don’t get hurt. So when you’re sitting behind home plate, be sure not to stand up because those baseballs come flying by pretty fast.

Fourth tip: Keep your eyes on the prize!  Everyone loves a player who has some swagger and knows how to play the game. So if you can, cheer for someone who is really good and wearing an awesome batting glove !

Fifth tip: Just remember that it’s all about having fun! And when you get hungry again, don’t forget to eat more stadium snacks because they’re delicious and there are lots of different kinds like nachos, peanuts, Cracker Jacks (mentioned earlier), cotton candy (my favorite!), ice cream, pretzels, popcorn, chips and salsa, candy bars, and right now I’m getting really hungry so I think it’s time for me to go get some snacks.

Best places to go to a baseball game:  

There are so many stadiums in the U.S., but here’s a list of my favorites. This is just from experience, so everyone is going to have different opinions!

  1. PNC Park – Pittsburgh Pirates (sadly I haven’t been yet!)
  2. Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles Dodgers
  3. Citi Field – New York Mets
  4. Camden Yards – Orioles
  5. Kauffman Stadium – Kansas City Royals
  6. Comerica Park – Detroit Tigers
  7. Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs (also haven’t been yet!)
  8. Rogers Centre – Toronto Blue Jays (there’s even a hotel inside the stadium and they let you sleep there!)

I think that’s everyone! I’m sorry my list is kind of short, but it would take forever to write down every ballpark in America. I guarantee that wherever you go though, you’re going to have a lot of fun! You might even get lucky enough to catch one of these great games on TV (I couldn’t find videos for all of them, sorry!)