People who grew up in certain cities might always brag about their teams’ home field. However, not all stadiums are created equal – some are much better than others. At the end of the day it comes down to three important categories: fans (some places can get really loud), food (there is nothing like a stadium hot dog) and stuff to do once you leave the game (sightseeing). Being that people visit these parks throughout the year, weather is also an important factor. So let’s take a look at what could be America’s best Major League Baseball Stadiums.
1. US Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox)

One thing that separates US Cellular from most MLB stadiums is that fans are allowed to walk around on the field after the game. It is a great idea for kids with baseball dreams, because they can climb out of the dugout and touch home plate. Once you leave this stadium, you can see all of Chicago’s best features – it is right across from the lakefront parks. While some cities don’t have one good thing to offer, US Cellular Field is next to Soldier Field (where the Bears play) and Wrigley Field (home of the Cubs).

2. Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks)

There might not be any better sight in America than Chase Field’s swimming pool behind centerfield bleachers. With an average temperature near 80 degrees, Arizona is home to one of the coolest features in pro sports. If you plan on being at Chase Field, it is highly recommended to take advantage of this pool opportunity. Don’t forget about exploring downtown Phoenix’s history either – there are tons of amazing buildings right next to the stadium including City Hall and Arizona State University.

3. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)

Although Fenway is old, it doesn’t have much competition when it comes to America’s best baseball stadiums. You can walk all around Boston by just staying in your seat after the game. Plus, it has enough character that fans will always remember what they saw here for their entire life. Over 100 years later and the park still retains its classic feel recently renovated walls make it even better. Fenway Park has seen a lot of great players throughout the years, but it might be time for them to finally hang up the Green Monster for good.

4. Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)

If you have been to Philadelphia before, chances are you have been to Citizens Bank Park. This stadium is beautiful from every angle – fans love coming here and beyond that it also makes a great backdrop for a first date or other occasion. Beyond that, Philly’s skyline can be seen from above River Avenue in rightfield which gives the park an urban feel.

5. PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Named after one of Pittsburgh’s biggest national banks, PNC Park is as classy as they come! One of the coolest features is how close to home plate you are after being seated in rightfield. There are also lots of great places around the stadium to eat, but if you need a little more excitement head down to Heinz Field – where the Steelers play.