This article will be helpful for beginners who start playing the tennis game and want to learn what does it mean to play this sport, how can they devote time for it and enjoy all its features. For such people, we prepared a selection of the most important things that should be known before you actually get started. So let’s get right into it!
First of all, you need to decide why do you really want to play tennis? Is there something special that attracts you in this sport or is just that not having an idea about what else could you do with your free time? If this was meant as a hobby then there is no problem; many players enjoy their time on court simply because they like tennis. But if this was meant as a sport and you want to be serious about it then there are few things that you should remember. You need to realize that the tennis court is shorter than many other sports’ fields, so your movements won’t be as easy as you could imagine. In addition, your playing time will vary depending on how good you are – if you want to play for an hour or two on a daily basis then it would make sense for you to practice some endurance exercises. The more hours per week do players spend on the tennis court, the better they get at their game. But again – no matter what is your goal with this new activity, don’t forget that all those lessons from local tennis coach might not be enough for you to become a professional player. It is very helpful for your development of course, but that’s not the key point here – if you want to play and win against professionals then be prepared for hard work and long hours spent on court!

Once you realize what does tennis mean for you, either as a casual hobby or as something more – it would be wise to check some tips about how can you make your first steps in this sport. Here are some things that will help:

– When having your first lessons from local tennis coach (or even those programs provided by official websites), make sure those lessons involve an introduction to all court rules! They might seem simple at the beginning but soon enough they will be important for your game. You will be required to know the scoring system, understand which is your service and how it works etc. Also, never forget about calls – there are some things that you will be expected to say when on court, like “love” (when the score goes ‘even’ or in player’s favor), or “fifteen” (when one of players reaches 15 points). These words are very important so make sure you learn them properly before starting!

– Learn how to take care of your equipment , especially if you are looking for a complete solution of tennis training program. Properly taken care, the racket will last you a long time and give you results on court. There is a method called stringing that player should know about – it involves tightening the strings by using special tools.