Let’s talk sports!

Baseball has been a great game for over 100 years. In the last few decades changes have continued to be made that have gone against tradition and are not necessarily better.

Balls gloves and bats have all improved but have not changed the basic game.

It all started with the D H which changed the game to 10 players and gave the impression that pictures were not complete athletes, they pitch every 4 to 5 days and have plenty of time to work on hitting.

Then came intentional walks called by the manager, placing the batter on base with no chance for hit or wild pitch. Now a relief pitcher must face three batters at minimum each time they enter the game, removing the option of a pitcher with a certain skill facing only one batter.

Next, they are talking about electronic ball and strike calls using robotic umpires, another attempt to remove the human aspect of the game. Close calls are reviewed by and MLB off site committee interrupting the flow of the game and affecting the momentum of the game. This is becoming more and more common and occurs multiple times every game.

Why can’t they just leave this great game alone!