Golf courses are best enjoyed when played by the rules of etiquette. They are designed to keep you safe, protect both wildlife and vegetation, and avoid any unnecessary damage to the course.

The following is a guide for golf etiquette:

Golfers must always call “fore” before making a shot that might injure another player or interfere with their game. If you think it’s possible your ball could hit someone else or if they’re standing near where you will be hitting from, yell “fore.”
Never stand on another player’s line – not only is this dangerous but it also disrupts their concentration. Instead, move around them so you don’t disturb them or get in their way.

If there are behind you try to avoid taking a shot while they are hitting. Perhaps it’s best to let them finish their swing before taking your turn.

If you are in someone else’s line of sight, move out of the way so you don’t get hit with their ball if they make a bad shot. Try to give them as much room as possible – after all, this might be the only chance they get, and no one wants to watch themselves shoot into the water or the trees!

Once again, always call “fore” when moving around other golfers even if there is plenty of space between you and them. Even worse than not calling for when necessary is making emphatic noises like “HONK!” or yelling “FORE”. This could distract other players and cause them to make bad shots.

If you are not familiar with the game of golf, don’t try out your new sports shoes on the course or putt with a putter that isn’t yours. The holes are there for a reason! Also, never go on another player putting line, even if they are way ahead of you in their round.

It is important to remember that most golf courses have strict rules about etiquette and they expect all visitors to obey them. If you want to be invited back again then it would be best for you to follow the rules while playing the game.

The golf course is designed so that you can have an enjoyable day out. The following is a guide to the basic rules of etiquette:

Yell ‘fore’ if your shot will hit anyone, even remotely close to where it might land. This stops them from being surprised and having a bad reaction – which could be dangerous.

Never stand on another player’s line as they need room to play their shot without being disturbed or distracted by other elements around them. If there are people behind them, let them finish their swing before taking your turn, especially if it is a common shot for beginner players who want to get used to how far back they should swing the club.

If someone is standing in front of you because they are not finished with their shot, perhaps try to play your shot somewhere else on the course. No one wants their ball to be hit by someone else’s bad shots!

If there are people in front of you who may get hit by your ball if it goes wrong, always ask them before you take a quick turn around them. If they let you through then that is great; if not then simply continue your shot but don’t forget to call ‘fore’. Try to give other players as much room as possible so they can enjoy playing without worrying about hitting anything or anyone – if they want to go for the green right next to another player at least let them finish their swing first!